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The model is the improvement of traditional press machine of oil hydraulic system. There are four pillars to support the base, the product form is rising from under to up.

The oil hydraulic is working in high and low pressure to cooperate with forming unit, and it produces compact powder and eye shadow of good quality.

If the product includes lot of oil ingredient and lack of air permeability, choose to use two sections type or multi section type of pressing. The preferred logo or pattern can be displayed clearly.

The steps are from pushing moulds into pressing mechanism → forming → take out the moulds → off the godets from moulds, it takes several seconds to finish one pressing.

The quantity of pressed products can be up to 35 pcs for each pressing, ( it depends on the dimension and shape of product) the hardness of finished product is even. The output of the operation is 4 times than old type. Simple operation and maintenance due to PLC control.


  • Casual operation, simple maintenance.
  • Fixed upper mould and auto cloth winding unit, it increases the output of machine.
  • Specific multi-pressing can produce compact and eye shadow of good quality.
  • Simple powder loading unit
  • Easy moulds changing saves labor and time.