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(A) High viscosity type (B) Low viscosity type

It intends not to use active lotion to disperse the products, and to pulverize products to fine particles. Now, it's often to use high speed mixer to shear the mixture. There are several types of mixer, but all have turbine rotating in very high speed, it produces strong turbulence to help get fine particles in short time.

When the rotor in the stator of the turbine in high speed, it has a strong force of suction like the function of pump, it will suck the mixture from bottom to up to form a circulation mixing. The clearance between the rotor & stator is only 0.3-0.5mm,the products go through the clearance and make shearing, impact, turbulence in vessel.

(C) High Shearing Mixer

When the head is rotating in high speed, the shovel at the bottom of emulsifying head will create strong delivery, it makes the materials be pressed out from the multiple layers of head, the product jetted out of the side slot of emulsifying head. The product is processed of cutting, milling, dispersing and mixing to become micro sized particle. Especially for product includes powder ingredients, such as foundation, powdery cream, this type of head can achieve better effects than others.

(D) Disperser Mixer (Simple Type)

The mixer is like a disk and skirted with up and down tooth shape. It disperses large amount of powder into liquid ingredient in high speed shortly, the powder is pulverized by the tooth-shape mixer, the tooth will smash the agglomerate into fine & even particles of mixture.