Minoga Industrial Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing chemical processing machines for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries for over 25 years. 

We produce various machinery, such as vacuum homogenizer, high speed mixing machine, filling machine for cream or paste products, filling machines for liquid product;powder mixers;and related equipment for lipstick and compact powder. Please visit our website http://www.cosmetic.com.tw to get more information.

MINOGA owns independent R & D department, the main work is to make improvement of our machines and do research for new equipment. We also provide consultant service, discuss with user to get more ideas and requests, in order to build the proper equipment to meet customer's requirements. 

MINOGA keeps necessary files for each machine sold to customers. Therefore, we can provide fast and excellent technical services to our valuable machine users.

In order to supply better and higher quality of machinery, we were certified by ISO9002 (2000 edition) and CE marking, so customers are assured of good services. 

For the coming years, we will keep doing our best to make improvement in machine's function, and making efforts to meet the regulation of GMP and CGMP in cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields. We also provide IQ/OQ document services to meet customers' requirements.

Overseas markets:
Australia, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Mainland China , Hong Kong, Japan , Saudi Arabia.

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E-mail : minoga35@ms17.hinet.net

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